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Grown With Love

Love IS the answer. We understand that food can do SO much, but we are also aware that what we think, believe, and say about our food and the other things we put into our body (physical, emotional, spiritual) have a powerful effect on us too. Energies and intentions matter more than the words themselves.

Eco- friendly
We believe all food and both household & self-care products should be grown & cared for utilizing earth-friendly farming practices, without genetic modification & unnatural chemicals. We educate on sustainability, and share whole food recipes that bring families closer together through food.
Trusted Sources

We live in a world where labels and advertisements can often be deceiving, especially when it comes to our food. We offer a 30-day digital course to educate and empower our members in making better decisions about the foods and products they're choosing for their homes. ​

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this is our recipe for succesS

  • Fresh, organic, heirloom, unrefined, whole foods in their most natural state are always best!
  • The products you use in your environment (ie. put on your skin, wash your clothes with, what you spray in the air, clean your countertops with, etc.) should be as healthy as the ones you put inside your body (because they will end up there anyways!)
  • We wish to inspire a new way of eating and thinking for our members that results in a deeper connection to our food, Mother Earth, animals, and each other. 
‘A ‘ohe hana nui ke alu ‘ia

(No task is too big when done together by all.)

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Graphic Designer

"The recipes are SO KID FRIENDLY! We have been trying to clean up our eating and this was just the inspiration we needed. It's beautifully presented with full color photos, easy to read simple to follow directions, and ingredients that are commonly found at the grocery store we shop. We enjoyed the pizza (of course!) and had fun replacing our bottled sauces for our homemade versions. I was thrilled with this meal plan."

STephanie ross

Licensed Massage Therapist

"I cannot say enough good things about these recipes! These were the first "real food" recipes I've tried that didn't leave me overwhelmed and in the kitchen for hours. Lyndsy's pancakes and coconut bread with her strawberry jam was a huge hit with my toddler (and me too). In just 23 days, I have noticed 13 pounds gone, no more brain fog, tons of energy, arthritis pain gone, my wedding ring from 4 years ago is falling off, less stress and mood swings, and no more angry cravings. You guys, if I can make this kind of lifestyle change, anyone can!"


Special Education Teacher

"Thank you Lyndsy for keeping me continuously inspired and highly motivated to stay the course on this healing journey for my son and I. What you are offering to the world is very special, important, and beautifully done! If anyone is seriously interested in learning about creating the most healing, nutrient dense, kid friendly and delicious diet for their families, look no further! Amazing stuff!! And Man-- By far best grain free pancakes I've ever made!!! Woohoo You are the best!!!"


Improves mood, produces endorphins

There are fewer toxins,
improves digestion 

Contains essential nutrients and minerals, boosts energy

Supports the body's natural detoxification processes

Real Yummy Food

Here at Real Yummy Food, we are a team of visionaries: we envision a world where there is a strong sense of community, love, and spirit among people who share the same values.

We respect Mother Earth, our bodies, what goes into them, and each other. We support those interested in an alternative way of living, where healthy food is just as tasty and is nourishment for the mind, body, and soul. 

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