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5 Healing Bath Detox Recipes


In this day and age we are all being exposed to toxins from all angles.

Don't believe me? From the carcinogenic chemicals sprayed in the mattresses many of us sleep on (not me!), toxins in the air we're breathing, to the toxic chemicals in the food and water we consume, in any cleaning supplies we're exposed to, plastics, BPA, vaccines, pesticides, and so much more, it's almost necessary to do something to aid our bodies and our children's bodies in detoxifying or we are sure to be affected sooner or later. 

Luckily, there are many different ways to aid our bodies in detoxifying! And many of them are super easy to do and affordable too!

One of the most gentle, affordable, and easiest ways to aid ours or our children's bodies in detoxing is through bath-time at home.

These are my 5 favorite detox bath recipes that I like to rotate and make at home almost every single day for my kids (and sometimes myself too-- if I'm lucky! :))

1. Daily Epsom Salt Bath

Resin of Frankincense has been documented for ages as treatment for inflammatory diseases and has also been documented for having the properties of inducing cancer cell death for multiple human cancer cell lines including meningioma cells, leukemia cells, hepatoma cells, melanoma cells, fibrosarcoma cells, and colon cancer cells.

2 cups usp grade epsom salt

2 cups bob's red mill pure baking soda

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar has been scientifically accredited for inhibiting the proliferation of human cancer cells, prolonging life span due to tumor regression, defending against oxidative stress, lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, and so much more.

It has been used for over 2000 years to flavor and preserve foods, heal wounds, fight infections, clean surfaces, and rid the body of toxins. It is great to add into soups, stews, healing elixirs, and baked goods, and can also be absorbed through the skin in a warm bath.

Apple cider vinegar is essentially fermented apple juice so it's important to buy organic, raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar or make it yourself at home with organic apples. This is a healing medicine but it won't be as healing if it's filled with carcinogenic pesticides (that aren't labeled on conventionally grown apples) or if all the good stuff has been pasteurized or filtered out.

Work your way up to 2 cups added into your child's nightly bath-time routine and you may just notice improved behavior, smoother skin, and a longer night's sleep in days.

3. SeaWeed

4. Diamataceous Earth


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About the Author Lyndsy Karrie

Lyndsy Karrie is the founder of REAL Yummy Food and a pioneer in the world of healing people with food. After being distressed by her son’s severe autism diagnosis she spent every waking hour researching and testing ways to help her son and family. What she found was astonishing. Now she shares her knowledge and easy-to-make, nutritious recipes while promoting clean eating in a non-toxic environment. Join her in keeping it REAL.

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