April 10, 2016

Farmer’s Market Score

Our score from the local organic Farmer's Market!

What you see here is: Watermelon radishes, pasture-raised eggs, gluten-free cranberry raisin bread (for my hunny), black raspberries, broccolini, red leaf lettuce, Romanesco broccoli (AKA Roman Cauliflower), lemons, avocados, sugar-free strawberry jam, sauerkraut and herbal tea.​

I love supporting local organic farmers! It's the most important job in the whole world-- in my opinion! #eatREALfood #supportLOCALfarmers

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Lyndsy Karrie

Lyndsy Karrie is the founder of REAL Yummy Food and a pioneer in the world of healing people with food. After being distressed by her son’s severe autism diagnosis she spent every waking hour researching and testing ways to help her son and family. What she found was astonishing. Now she shares her knowledge and easy-to-make, nutritious recipes while promoting clean eating in a non-toxic environment. Join her in keeping it REAL.