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How We Got Super Healthy
And Rescued Our Family

Hi, I'm Lyndsy Karrie.

It's sort of a miracle that I'm even writing this message to you today because a few years ago, I didn't even know what real food was. 

Like many Americans, I was living a life of convenience.

I was going through drive thru's, ordering take out food, and I might as well have been shopping in the super market with a blindfold on. I had no clue what I was doing. 

But over the last 6 years I stumbled across something that has radically benefitted not only my own life, but my entire family as well. And I'd like to share that with you today right here in this letter.

lyndsy karrie

If you've ever wanted to feel your best, look your youngest, and nurture your body with the most yummy foods on the planet, this is going to be the most important letter you've ever read.

It may also be one of the most frustrating things you've ever read too because the truth is, you and I have been lied to.

Personally, I'm a fairly patriotic person who loves my country, but when it comes to the topic of health & food...

You Simply Cannot Trust The Governments Advice

conspiracy theorist

Now, before you think I'm some whacko tin foil wearing conspiracy theorist, I'd like to show you a few atrocities that exist in just about every supermarket near your home. 

WARNING: What I'm about to share may infuriate you. It may also make you feel bad about what you've been eating or feeding your family. 

Trust me, I felt horrible when I discovered this too. However, my intention is not to upset you or make you feel guilty. My only purpose here is to educate you so that you can make better decisions for yourself and your family today. 

Below, I'm going to share with you 5 examples of common foods that we will never allow in our house again. I'll tell you why in each example too. If you're like most people, It's quite very likely you have these foods in your home or occasionally consume them while out and about.

Please keep in mind, I don't want to be that annoying woman who tries to talk down or belittle anyone who has these foods in their cupboards. The sad truth is, I had them in my kitchen too before I knew better. My goal here is simply to make sure you know what you and your family is eating.

And I want to help you discover alternative and easier options that actually taste better and are way healthier for you at the same time. I'll show you some of those foods in just a moment. 

That said, in my personal opinion it's very important that you avoid the following toxic or dangerous foods at all costs... 

Avoid These
 5 Foods At All Costs...

* indicates references below

Diet Sodas, Sweeteners & Anything With Aspartame *

You may think you're doing yourself a favor by opting for the diet soda over the regular sugary kind, but in my opinion I'd rather dose up on sugar over aspartame any day of the week. In fact, according to the FDA there have been attempts to label aspartame as a neurotoxic drug. There has been reports of decreased vision and even blindness, tinnitus in the ears, headaches, dizziness, confusion, memory loss, severe drowsiness, sleepiness, convulsions (grand mal epileptic attacks), severe tremors, and slurring of speech. 

canola oil
Canola Oil & Low Quality Hydrogenated Oils *

When searching for oils to cook with it can be difficult to figure out which ones are truly healthy and which ones may be compromising your health. Canola oil, also known as Rapeseed Oil is not something I will gamble with in my kitchen. Over 90% of Canola Oil is genetically modified, and it's a refined oil that is often partially hydrogenated which is not ideal for optimum health. If you're looking for an alternative to Canola Oil I'd highly suggest cold pressed and virgin Coconut Oil or organic & GMO free Olive Oil. 

high fructose corn syrup
High Fructose Corn Syrup & Processed Sugars *

Most of us know that an excess of sugar is not good for us. In fact, higher added sugar consumption may be related to high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol, and high LDL cholesterol. This can raise the risk of heart disease. It also decreases insulin sensitivity and increases uric acid production. The sad fact is, added sugar is hidden in almost all of our foods. There's dozens of names for processed sugar that allow food manufacturers to sneak them into products that you may have believed were healthy. You must be careful. 

soy products
Soy Protein *

Soy has often been revered as a healthy alternative and in some cases that may be true. However, often times soy can be a terrible choice, particularly when it's been heavily processed and has it's nutrients stripped away. Also, Frankensoy products like fake burgers, steak strips, cheeses and other foods are often loaded with added sugars, fats, and refined flours. Another thing to keep in mind is that many soy milks are also heavily processed and often not even made with real soy beans. Finally, according to 93% of soy is a GMO or a genetical modified. 

Glyphosate *

Much of the wheat and other products consumed around the world are sprayed with pesticides that often contain a toxic chemical known as glyphosate. Glyphosate contains an ingredient that can suffocate human cells. Many people & companies will tell you that glyphosate is safe, but scientific studies have proven this to be false. In fact, the Science In Society archive reports low levels of glyphosate found in human urine can promote the growth of human breast cancer cells, confirming it's carcinogenic potential. So if you do consume wheat or other products subject to pesticides, make sure it's organic to be safe.

Geez, Are You Trying To Take Away
All The Food In My Kitchen? 

Now, before you get upset and think I want to take away all the yummy foods in your fridge and cupboards, I want you to relax and know that's not the case.

In fact, during the The Real Food Challenge you're going to feast on the best foods in your life. You'll get to enjoy all kinds of yummy treats like pizza, pasta, pie & a whole lot more.




You Can Actually Have Your Cake & Eat It Too.

This is not some kind of deprivation diet. In fact, I hate the word diet. After all, it has the word "die" in it.

The Real Food Challenge is all about eating the best tasting foods that actually support and nourish your body instead of taxing and destroying it.

It's about making choices that serve you and your family instead of endangering you or putting you at risk for life long and potentially fatal diseases. 

I know that change sounds kind of intimidating and a bit of a downer, but the truth is... 

Eating Healthy Can Be Fun, Easy, and Fulfilling!

The benefits are so incredible and life changing, it's hard to believe we ever ate any other way.

Sadly, corporate fat cats have figured out a way to make cheap and addicting food so we continue to support their million dollar empires while they continue to poison us. 

And that is why I created the Real Yummy Food Challenge for you and parents like us who care about what we feed ourselves and our children. 

Here's just a few of the benefits you may experience during The Real Food Challenge...

  • A Massive Boost In Energy! - If you ever feel tired, lethargic, or sluggish, you need to give this a shot. 
  • Lose Weight! - I can't promise that everyone will lose weight, but there's a darn good chance that many of your clothes will no longer stay on hips after you take this 30-Day Challenge. 
  • Clearer Skin! - Many people experience much better skin and begin to display a special glow. If you've ever suffered from acne or bad complexion, The Real Yummy Food Challenge may be the key to having a radiant and beautiful face.
  • Reduce Mood Swings! - Once you eliminate toxic substances from your diet, you may notice that you'll also shed many of those toxic mood swings that fake foods tend to induce. Lot's of people who are considered bi-polar or are on anti-depressants often find themselves feeling way better once they transition onto real foods. 
  • Better Digestion & Elimination! - reports that 12 to 19% of people in North America suffer from constipation. That's roughly 63 million people. After taking The Real Food Challenge you may find that your bowels begin to normalize and no longer do you have to worry about humiliating bowel episodes. 
  • Better Sleep! - The National Sleep Foundation reports that 45% of Americans suffer from poor or insufficient sleep. Many people find that when they clean up their diet, their sleep habits improve. 
  • Improved Sex Life! - The foods you eat can have a dramatic affect on your sex life. If you've found your sex drive has diminished or isn't where you'd like it to be, this could be the key to putting more hanky-panky back into your life. 
  • More Confidence! - Let's face it, when you look better, you feel better. Putting yourself onto a real food lifestyle can help you to bring more confidence into your day. 
  • Reduced Inflammation! - Processed foods are one of the biggest culprits of causing inflammation in the body. Eating a Real Food Lifestyle will help to reduce inflammation and problems associated with it. 
  • Decreased Chances Of Cancer! - Eating a healthy diet can significantly decrease your chance of cancer and other diseases. Almost all of us have been affected by cancer in some capacity and it's time that we collectively start doing something to combat this. 

How My Family Transitioned From
Sickness To Health With Real Yummy Food!

My Real Yummy Food Story

Before I started eating Real Yummy Food, I was always tired and lethargic, had way too much acne on my body, and my gut was suffering with an over-abundance of yeast and candida.

I felt absolutely miserable. 

But I had no idea it was because of the poor diet I was eating. I actually thought I was eating pretty well.

Little did I know, the companies I trusted and grew up eating didn't have my health or best intentions at heart. All they really cared about were their profits.

It wasn't until I started to heal my son's digestive and autistic issues with Real Food that I began to recognize that I too could benefit from eating all these wonderful foods. Today, I've never felt better in my life and it's all due to eliminating toxic and processed products and eating Real Yummy Food!

lyndsy karrie cooking

Jason's Real Yummy Food Story

jason moffatt real yummy food

When I met Jason, he was struggling with brutal abdominal pains and a horrendous case of leaky gut syndrome.

The pains were often so bad that he would be sprawled out on the bathroom floor crying in miserable despair. 

Jason's a pretty tough guy, so to see him balling his eyes out I knew it must have been really serious.

However, after a few months of moving in with him and starting our new Real-Food lifestyle, he began to have less and less stomach pains.

Eventually he got to a point where the pains stopped (unless he went on a heavy gluten and lasagna binge). 

One day he said something to me that was music to my ears. He said... "It's nice to feel safe and know anything you cook is not going to hurt me. Every time I eat at a restaurant it's a gamble whether or not my stomach can handle it. But I always fee safe with your food."

To think that someone has to worry about pain and suffering after every meal is so sad. I'm so glad we all found Real Yummy Food together!

Kalia's Real Yummy Food Story

Kalia used to suffer from a wicked case of IBS which is short for irritable bowel syndrome.

Changing her diapers was an absolute nightmare. I never knew what to expect and I felt so sorry for her. 

Once we adopted a Real-Food lifestyle, all her digestive and elimination struggles disappeared. She literally transformed in a matter of weeks. She went from always being constipated or having diarrhea to regular and healthy bowel movements.

I feel so incredibly blessed because I can't stop thinking... "What if I kept feeding her that way her whole life?" Thankfully I didn't and I made the changes necessary to help her live a fruitful, vibrant, and healthy life. 

Dominic's Real Yummy Food Story

Dominic Real Yummy Food 2

Dominic's story by far is the most transformational in our family because he has been plagued with extreme autism for much of his life. 

Before embarking upon the Real Yummy Food diet his autism left him non-verbal, in diapers at age 5, and with a host of behavioral and digestive problems.

We probably listened to him scream in discomfort at least 200 times a day.

And no, that's not an exaggeration. Sometimes it may have well been 300 screams. 

Once Dominic began to transition to real yummy foods, it was like watching magic before our eyes. Never in my life have I seen something so beautiful and miraculous.

Once Dominic started eating my Real Yummy foods he began to finally start talking. He became potty trained almost instantly, and his temper tantrums diminished to where I could actually take him out into public again. Taking him to the grocery store was one of the most embarrassing things in my life. The melt downs were of epic proportions if we told him no about anything. 

His transformation not only helped him feel better, it made our entire household and family believers of Real Yummy Food.

How The Healing Started

I often get asked... "Lyndsy, how did you get started with all of this real food stuff and where did you learn everything?"

If you're anything like I was, you might feel a bit overwhelmed with all the conflicting health advice, crazy fad diets, and trying to figure out what is really healthy for you and your family? 

For me, it wasn't until my son Dominic was diagnosed with autism that I began looking into my own eating habits. As horrible as it sounds, I realized I was making my sons autism even worse by what I was feeding him. 

I spent my last $5,000 dollars on a specialized doctor to try and save my son. My family and friends thought I was crazy but I was willing to try anything and everything to help my precious boy.

But what I realized was that it wasn't just my son who was suffering. It was my entire family. And the more I researched and studied, I discovered many people eating the Standard American Diet were suffering too. 

Lyndsy & Dr. Green

Lyndsy & Dr. Green

From here, I went down a rabbit hole of intense study and meticulous testing to find out how to truly feed my family in a way that was not only healthy and nourishing, but fun and tasty too.

After years and years of trial and error, I came up with what you see today at Real Yummy Food.

And now, you can experience what took me years to learn in one quick and simple 30 Day Challenge! 

Imagine How You'll Feel In Just 4 Short Weeks! 

When you complete the 30-Day Real Food Challenge, you'll have accomplished something that you can feel proud of and can carry on with you for a lifetime.

You'll feel better, look better, and have a better understanding about how food can affect almost all avenues of your life.

But don't just take my word for it. See what other mom's and people are saying about investing in their health and The Real Food Challenge...

What Real People Are Saying...

I am completely impressed at how simple it was. The shopping list was extremely helpful. The recipes were simple, kept it fun, and can please even the pickiest eaters! The lemon rosemary salmon, spaghetti squash, and BBQ ribs, and sweet potato fries were some of our favorites."

Sabrina Busch 

AMAZING! I am super impressed with your recipes! The information you put together is so valuable! It’s packed with recipes, tips, videos, PDFs, and a community full of people looking for better health. I'm truly impressed. Just love what you put together."

Elaine Schtein 

I made the spaghetti sauce tonight for supper and poured it over the garlic zucchini noodles. It was super easy to make and I loved that everything went into the blender...less dishes to clean the better! Plus it tasted amazing. So happy I found some simple, healthy meals to feed my family!'

Shonet Robsen 

I have followed your bone broth recipes, and for the first time EVER, soup is an absolute FAVORITE in my home. I'm not joking when I say that every second day there is a pot of bone broth simmering on the stove."

Jani Lottering 

Caught my eye right away. Great images, layout, photos, recipes. This is a great plan for people to easily transition into a healthier lifestyle and help them create momentum which is super important. Really awesome work!"

Ronnie Landis

Big thanks for your wonderful food plan and for sharing your story with the world. My favorite recipes from Week 1 were the coconut pancakes and the sweet potato hash. Thanks again, you're a real inspiration."

Donna Andriolo

My daughter is having so much fun helping me with these recipes! We love your butternut squash soup! It's perfect for a fall afternoon"

Katie Brown

I made the Coconut Bread into muffins today and added chia seeds too. Myself and kids thought they were delicious. I look forward to trying a new recipe each day."

Natasha Johnston

These recipes are wonderful. Easy to follow and the ingredients are easy to manage.” “The cinnamon toast squares were especially good and my personal favorite of the recipes."

Jessica & Jaden

So Here's What You're About To Get...

real food challenge media imeages

(Accessible From Your Computer, Phone, and Tablets)

  • The Complete 30 Day Real Food Challenge that will walk you step by step through the entire process of transitioning to a Real Food Lifestyle. 
  • A detailed list on how & where to shop even if you live in remote small towns. You'll even discover online options that can be delivered directly to your doorstep! 
  • Food storage, preparation & cookware information that will ensure you keep your food as healthy as possible. 
  • Instructions on juicing and the importance of proper hydration. (Hint, some water sources are not as good as others and it's crucial you choose the right ones). 
  • Instructions on how to analyze your progress to make sure you stay on track and succeed. 
  • The low down on alkalinity and how to avoid becoming too acidic. (Warning: Many people are eating foods that are making their bodies way too acidic and leaving them susceptible to cancer and disease.)
  • Information on the best digestive enzymes and why you should take them with your meals. 
  • Detailed instructions on soaking, blanching and sprouting your nuts. This is a huge part of optimizing most nut consumption. 
  • Step by step blueprints on how to make yummy nut milk, nut flours, and nut butters! 
  • Lessons on how to make homemade butters, ghee, and healthy butter alternatives
  • The guide to avoiding GMO's, toxic pesticides, and harmful chemicals. Sadly, most people have dozens of these things in their kitchens. 
  • How to make the yummiest smoothies known to man kind! 
  • The secrets of fermented food and proper probiotics. Doing this right is pivotal for good gut health. 
  • Dairy and Non-Dairy substitutes for those who are lactose intolerant. 
  • Alternative breads and noodles for celiacs and people with gluten sensitivities
  • The Immunity Booster checklist to ensure you immune system gives you the best natural defense possible. 
  • Natural Detox methods and Essential Minerals to keep the body in tip top shape
  • Mouth Watering Dairy Free Ice Creams and Desserts to die for! 
  • And sooo much more!!! 

So What's All This Worth? 

If you were to add up all the time and money I've invested to learn all this information and package it up to deliver to you, if would cost hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars.

But of course, I don't want you to pay anywhere near what I've had to invest. And I certainly don't want you to spend months and years of time to learn it either.

That's why I've condensed the best of the best information into this quick and easy 30 Day Challenge to ensure you can benefit from everything I've discovered over the years for pennies on the dollars. 

And, that's only the beginning of what you're about to get because I'm also going to throw in these amazing bonuses for you as well... 

Additional Bonuses You'll Receive Today...

Not only will you receive the entire 30 Day Real Yummy Food Challenge, but I'm also going to throw in all of these bonuses today to ensure that this is a deal of a lifetime for you and your family. 

Bonus #1: $50 In FREE Organic Food

purium $50 organic gift cardpurium $50 organic gift card

Bonus #2: FREE Organifi Juice Samples

free organifi juice samples

Bonus #3: The Keep It Real E-Book

Keep It Real Recipe Book

Bonus #4: The Real Yummy Food Meal Plans

(21 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Meal Plans & Shopping Lists Done For You!)

real yummy food meal plans

Bonus #5: Opportunity To Join Our "Refer-A-Friend" Program And Make Up To $63 Per Referall

refer a friend & earn

Bonus #6: Access To The Real Yummy Food Community & Accountability Partner Club

real yummy food community pic

But wait... there's even more. 

When you add up the value of these bonuses and all the free food it makes The Real Food Challenge an absolute no-brainer.

However, I want to stack up the value so much that there's absolutely no reason to turn down this offer today. And that's why right now I'm offering you this super bonus...

Amazing Super Bonus:
Finish The Real Food Challenge
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win $100 cash

Our Latest Winner "Cameo Vaughn"

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Complete The Real Food Challenge And Win $100 Cash In 30 Days!

All you have to do is finish the task each day for 30 days and you'll win $100 in cash just like Cameo did! So, not only do you have the opportunity to get super healthy, but you can also get paid for it as well.

* To qualify for the $100 you must complete each task for 30 days. Tasks are as simple as posting a picture of your food for the day to social media and adding the #realyummyfood hashtag. You can also earn even more money with our refer a friend program too. 

Get Started Right Now For Just $30

You're Going To Get The 30 Day Real Food Challenge, All The FREE Bonuses, And The Opportunity To Win $100 Cash When You Finish The Challenge, All For The Low Price Of Just $1 A Day! 


Listen, this deal is like nothing we've ever offered before. Obviously we can't afford to keep handing out $100 bills all day long so it's very likely that the next time you visit this web page, this offer could be gone. 

That includes the opportunity to win the $100 in cash, all the free food, and all the other bonuses. We reserve the right to not only remove all the bonuses but also raise the price of the course as well. 

Honestly, this program should cost hundreds of dollars, but today you can secure your spot for a simple one time payment of just $30! 

Hurry and reserve your spot before it's gone!!! 

And Of Course, You Are Always Protected With Our...


Go through the entire Real Yummy Food Challenge and if for any reason you don't think it was worth your time and money, I will refund you every penny. Simply send me an email to support @ and I'll make sure to process your refund immediately.

If you don't get amazing results and aren't completely happy with your purchase, I simply wouldn't feel right keeping your money. So there's nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Also remember, when you complete the challenge you will win $100. And when you combine that with the free bonus food gifts we give you, you come out way ahead! 

Get Started Right Now For Just $30

You're Going To Get The 30 Day Real Food Challenge, All The FREE Bonuses, And The Opportunity To Win $100 Cash When You Finish The Challenge, All For The Low Price Of Just $1 A Day! 

I want to thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter and your interest in implementing a Real Food Lifestyle. 

It's people like yourself that can make a difference on this planet and serve as a shining example of how together we can collectively demand better of ourselves and our grocers. 

In today's world there is no better way to vote than with your wallet. Your spending choices matter and I want to thank you and congratulate you on making wise and responsible purchasing decisions that not only help yourself and your family but also your community too.

Before I go, I want you to remember something of grand importance... 

If you don't make the changes necessary to start living a Real Food Lifestyle, you'll remain in the exact same spot you are now, or even worse, your health may continue to decline. 

We all owe it to ourselves and our families to try and do the best we can. The pain of ignoring your well being surely beats the pain of investing a measly $30 into your health and future.

So, I'm calling on you to do what you believe is right for yourself, your family, and you community by joining The Real Food Challenge today. 

I can't wait to see you on the inside where I'm eagerly waiting for you. 

Aloha & Much Love, 

Lyndsy Karrie

PS: As Albert Einstein once said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." 

Wouldn't you agree that it's time to start getting a different result? 

Get Started Right Now For Just $30

You're Going To Get The 30 Day Real Food Challenge, All The FREE Bonuses, And The Opportunity To Win $100 Cash When You Finish The Challenge, All For The Low Price Of Just $1 A Day! 

Thank you Lyndsy for keeping me continuously inspired and highly motivated to stay the course on this healing journey for my son and I. What you are offering to the world is very special, important, and beautifully done! If anyone is seriously interested in learning about creating the most healing, nutrient dense, kid friendly and delicious diet for their families, look no further! Amazing stuff!! And Man! By far best grain free pancakes I've ever made!!! Woohoo You are the best."

Casey Skillins 

I cannot say enough good things about these recipes! These were the first "real food" recipes I've tried that didn't leave me overwhelmed and in the kitchen for hours. Lyndsy's pancakes and coconut bread with her strawberry jam was a huge hit with my toddler (and me too). In just 23 days, I have noticed 13 pounds gone, no more brain fog, tons of energy, arthritis pain gone, my wedding ring from 4 years ago is falling off, less stress and mood swings, and no more angry cravings. You guys, if I can make this kind of lifestyle change, anyone can!"

Stephanie Ross 

The recipes are SO KID FRIENDLY! We have been trying to clean up our eating and this was just the inspiration we needed. It's beautifully presented with full color photos, easy to read simple to follow directions, and ingredients that are commonly found at the grocery store we shop. We enjoyed the pizza (of course!) and had fun replacing our bottled sauces for our homemade versions. I was thrilled with this meal plan."

Julie Bingham

I am so impressed with this meal plan. I found the plan so easy to follow. The recipes are very simple. I actually learned a lot from this menu, such as the benefits of sprouted almonds, hemp milk, and pasture-raised chickens and eggs versus free range. I really can’t pick a favorite meal or recipe, as they were honestly all so good.”

Juanita Henderson

I tried Lyndsy's quinoa, peppers, and peanut sauce recipe for 4th of July lunch, it was AMAZING! It was rich in flavor, and the sweet potatoes were my favorite part. The peanut sauce was perfect texture. For dessert, I tried the Strawberry Chessecake. Sprouted cashews and lots of good stuff made up the crust! I ate the whole slice, it was so yummy. I felt nourished in my body in such a substantial and healthy way."

Laura Cole

Totally have a new fav!! Guys you gotta make the coconut bread! I used coconut butter and it is beyond yummy! The garlic (to me) is just perfection!! I could just eat it alone, it's so fluffy and flavorful!! And I made the enchilada sauce last week and my husband thought he died and went to heaven!! He was putting it on everything and eating it like salsa."

Jenna Dorius

The meals are wholesome and truly healthy (what I want) and they look delicious and filling (what my boys want). I like the structure and clarity of the plan. The plan is easy to follow and the recipes are SIMPLE enough for me to whip up. Thank you Lyndsy for making this accessible to my family. This is honestly an answer to our prayers! I love that I can download the pdf to my phone! This is such a great value. I've downloaded just enough to get me started but I see way more weekly plans, extra How To's, and videos when I am ready. This is fantastic!"

Nicole Stark

Today I made the Alfredo Sauce with Zucchini Noodles and Yummy barbecued ribs in an electric skillet. They turned out AMAZING! I did manage to trip the breaker in the hotel my company has me staying at. So I offered my maintenance guy some dinner after the power got turned back on promising I wont have too many appliances on at once.. Guess what He LOVED it! Too funny...I had to share. I love this program Lyndsy developed. Simple, Yummy & REAL."

Sheri Miles

Congratulations and well done for developing such a fantastic program designed to educate and inspire others to improve their health! Your honesty and courage is admirable as it's certainly not easy to confront such controversial topics. Your own experience is living proof that diet is key for eradicating disease. So many people need to wake up and you're a wonderful teacher to bring that awareness and much needed change. Thank you."

Anne-Marie Alifano

Get Started Right Now For Just $30

You're Going To Get The 30 Day Real Food Challenge, All The FREE Bonuses, And The Opportunity To Win $100 Cash When You Finish The Challenge, All For The Low Price Of Just $1 A Day!